The spine is of crucial importance to the health and well-being of man, both on a physical, emotional as on a psychological level.

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Divine straightening

The spine is of crucial importance to the health and well-being of man, both on a physical, emotional as on a psychological level. Through the divine alignment energy blockages are removed. Man is as it were newly erected.

The spine is the most important energy canal of our body. Negative experiences in our life and even from pre-birth times are stocked in our spine. This can lead to asymmetrical bodies, blockages and discomfort. This is why the life force can not freely flow. Our nervous system runs through our spine and feeds our internal organs. When the spine is crooked or bend, then the energy flow will be disrupted. This can lead to problems and illness.

Through the divine spine healing you will get new energy, chakras will be opened and the powerful energy of life can flow through the spine. Energy blockages will be removed. The divine alignment is a unique event in which a spiritual healing of body, soul and spirit takes place.


The divine spine healing can be used for:

  • Swayback/convex back
  • Chronical back problems
  • Scoliosis
  • Hernia
  • Pelvic positioning (difference in the length of the legs)
  • Irregular position of the shoulders
  • Muscular tension

Whatever complaints you may have on a physical, psychic or mental level... The power of the divine spine healing works on all levels.



The treatment

The divine spine healing is carried out in the following way:

  • Explanation of what the divine alignment is
  • Determination if shoulders, back, spine and pelvis are straight or bend
  • Photo of leg difference in length
  • The divine spine straightening
  • Photo of equal length of legs
  • Spiritual treatment of about 20 minutes
  • Determining if shoulders, back, spine and pelvis are straight
  • Photo material is handed over

The treatment takes place on a massage table. You remain fully clothed. Only the feet are bare. The divine spine healing is done without touching the body and doesn’t have to be repeated. It is up to you to deal with the changes in a responsible way. Outwardly the alignment is clearly visible; the inner processes take place over a longer period.

Every human being experiences the divine spine healing in a different way. A deep relaxation can be felt, a reduction of pain, a feeling of liberation, a warm feeling along the spine. Many people can do more than they could before and feel reborn.




The divine spine healing makes sure that:

  • The position of shoulderblades is correct
  • The spine is straightened
  • The position of the pelvis is correct
  • There is no difference in length of the legs
  • the energy canals are open

before the straightening:
2,5 cm difference in length.

After the straightening:

No more difference.



Duration and price

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: € 150,-

Children till 2 years: € 40,-

Children between 3 - 16 years: € 70,-


I do not replace a doctor. My energetic treatments are not a method in the medical sense, but spiritual treatments. READ MORE


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