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Metamorphosis treatment (prenatal massage)

Metamorphosis means change

Dr. Robert St. John was looking for a comprehensive but simple method to activate selfhealing. He discovered that at the feet, hands and head, everywhere where the reflexzones of the spine were to  be found, prenatal patterns were stored., that influence our life and well-being. All influences from outside , during the nine months of pregnancy, from conception until birth, influence the foetus. This happens by feeling, thoughts or experiences of the mother. These impressions are stored in the unborn child and can continue to affect and hinder the further development of the child. The metamorphosis massage intends to change these intentions and impressions that were imprinted in the prenatal phase. Working on the feet is the most important aspect but there are also other meridians  that can be treated namely on the head and hands. 



By treating these reflexzones, blockages that can continue to work through to adulthood, can be dissolved. In this way man can transform from who he was into who he really is. As a caterpillar freeing itself from the cocoon into a butterfly.


Duration and costs

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: € 70,00


I do not replace a doctor. My energetic treatments are not a method in the medical sense, but spiritual treatments. READ MORE


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