Now is the time to live life with a smile, with pleasure,
with love and gratitude.


- Annelies Nijman -

If you want to change your life, then this is the page to visit. I invite you on a journey through my internet pages so you may get to know my special healingwork. You will find interesting themes like the energetical spine straightening, spiritual healing, energetical footwork and life advice.


There are many ways to become whole and to heal. All the treatments I offer can be combined and can be used together with mainstream medical techniques. It is my aim to bring body, soul and spirit back in balance/ The causes of physical and psychological problems are often blockages that build up in the course of a (wo)man’s life.

As every human being is unique there are different possibilities of treatment. We always start with a conversation in which we determine which treatment would suit you best. We do this together and if necessary we combine treatments.

The energetical spine straightening is an all-embracing way of healing in which miracles become visible and can be proven. Dare to go the first step on a new road with energy treatments of the modern age. I would love to accompany you for awhile on your life’s path.






Practice for spiritual
healing and awareness.

Certified to exercise the
Divine Straightening.

Spiritual coach.

I do not replace a doctor. My energetic treatments are not a method in the medical sense, but spiritual treatments. READ MORE


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