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Coaching, life advice and fulfilment


In daily life, work and family one often comes to the point that you are at a loss. You can only see problems and no solutions anymore. As advisor and guidance counselor I would like to support and help you, to show new ways, and give clarity and perspective. My coaching is catered to each individual and leads up to the recognition of problems and to find fitting solutions through self-development.


Advice and coaching topics :

  • Courage to make new steps
  • Conquer your own taboo themes and fears
  • Learn how to deal with crises and how to get out of it
  • Clarity about fufilment and the big questions of life
  • New orientation, and recognising / understanding talents and sources
  • Changing destructive patterns of behaviour
  • Overcoming dependance (persons, situations, habits)


I support and advice you, clarify your problems and try to build your inner strength to gain more insight for more joy and quality of life.


Costs: € 70,- p/h



I do not replace a doctor. My energetic treatments are not a method in the medical sense, but spiritual treatments. READ MORE


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3262 CD Oud Beijerland 



06 151 27 362

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